Empowering local communities to improve the long-term ecological health of the places they live and love


The Executive Assistant will provide high-level administrative and project support for the Executive Team as well as to our Product and Editorial Teams.

This is a hybrid-remote role that requires a few days of in-office support on a weekly basis in addition to remote work.

The ideal person for this role will be an excellent communicator with outstanding organizational skills and a talent for supporting teams and moving partnerships and projects forward.



We are looking for an experienced editor with deep knowledge of ecosystems and their critical role in fighting climate change. Ideally you bring 5+ years’ experience writing about biodiversity conservation, climate, and the environment.

TCP is a digital media platform, so the Editor must be proficient in multiple forms of digital/interactive content, e.g., web, mobile, video, and social media — including blogs, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

The Editor oversees narrative planning and assigns stories to our team. We provide the tech platform and production team. You advise us on topics to cover, help create compelling interactive content, and ensure what we publish is supported by science, empirical evidence, and deep expertise.



We are looking for an experienced WordPress Developer to join our web dev and site building team.  This position will work closely with leaders and project managers to ensure our projects meet specified requirements, timelines, and budgets. 

Candidate will have proficiency designing and building website front-end.  In this position, you will meet with clients to discuss website design and function and create the website architecture.  You will also design and manage website back-end including database and server integration.

In this position, you will need a good understanding of website architecture and aesthetics, an ability to manage projects, as well as strong communication skills and attention to detail.


Who we are

The Copernicus Project is a technology company that fights global warming by protecting and restoring nature. We are different from other climate organizations who focus on reducing manmade greenhouse gas emissions as fast as possible. Our goal is scaling up nature-based solutions to climate change as fast possible.

The data most climate organizations rely on is massively distorted. They focus almost exclusively on manmade solutions to cutting direct manmade emissions – mainly from burning fossil fuels.

Natural systems like forests, wetlands, soils, and marine systems are largely excluded, even though they absorb nearly 60 percent of manmade CO₂ each year. Threatened terrestrial ecosystems store trillions of tons of carbon and, if degraded, could emit 25-30X more carbon dioxide and methane than the global fossil fuel industry produces in a year.

Nature-based climate solutions are available right now at massive scales and low cost. We know for sure they work. We know what to do, where to do it and how to do it. Major breakthroughs in technology and knowhow allow us to scale our impact at exponential rates.

By protecting, restoring, and better managing natural systems not only can we capture and sequester huge amounts of carbon, but we can generate “global cooling” at scale, provide critical ecosystem services to local communities (e.g., clean air and water, food, livelihoods, biodiversity) and dampen some of the worst impacts of climate change.

What we do

The Copernicus Project targets the people, communities, and organizations driving local land use decisions. We provide them powerful, easy-to-use digital tools to dramatically improve the ecological integrity of the places they live and love — with a keen eye on maintaining healthy forests, soils, and wetlands.

By strategically targeting the right places, individuals, and organizations, even modest changes in the status quo can make an enormous difference over 30–50-year timeframes.

Above all, we are a community of Climate Actionists.

The Copernicus Project is powered by passionate people who wake up every day committed to scaling up our collective impact as fast as possible. We measure our results, post them for everyone to see, then challenge each other to learn faster, get smarter, and rapidly innovate new solutions.

By linking the compounding benefits of natural regeneration to exponential advances in technology and knowhow, we can achieve globally significant levels long before many of our most promising manmade innovations reach meaningful scale.

How we operate

We are a small, fast-moving startup where everyone rolls up their shirtsleeves and pitches in. We work hard but have fun. We get to meet inspiring people doing incredible things. We know the relevant facts and data but lead with compelling stories to engage people from all walks of life.

Our success relies on bringing groups together around a shared purpose. Doing so requires a trust-based, collegial environment where everyone feels welcome and supported.

The Copernicus community includes people from different socioeconomic groups, backgrounds, races, religions, ages, sexual preferences, gender identities, and political points of view. We expect all members of our community to treat each other with dignity and respect.

We work in red states, blue states, purple states, and everything in between. We are staunchly apolitical and non confrontational.

In many locations there may be widely differing opinions on how land and natural resources should be used. It is imperative we stay focused on protecting and restoring nature and the ecosystems that provide clean air and water, food, jobs, wildlife, and a healthy, livable environment. This benefits everyone, regardless of their personal views.

Our success hinges on partnering with companies in extractive industries — some of whom may generate significant greenhouse gas emissions or cause environmental damage. We strive to work only with companies seriously committed to reducing their environmental footprint. We expect them to act in good faith and, in return, we agree to work with them in a constructive non-confrontational way.

Our members contribute in many ways, large and small. We need software engineers, climate designers, storytellers, scientists, sportsmen, businesses, nonprofits, artists, influencers, educators, and policymakers. We encourage our members to suggest new ways to make our community as vibrant, energized, and fun as possible.

The Copernicus Project is registered in the State of New York as both a Public Benefit Corporation and a 501(c)3 operating foundation.